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AUTODATA 3.45 + Crack FULL [TechTools]

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AUTODATA 3.45 + Crack FULL [TechTools]


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AUTODATA 3.45 + Crack FULL [TechTools]

System requirements: Windows xp, 7, 8, 10
Language: English
Medicine: Present

Description: Repair instructions, service information, diagnostics, wiring diagrams, labor times for all car brands.
Autodata popular program for car-care centers contains the information on systems of injection of petrol and some diesel engines (PINDATA), as parameters for adjustment of disorder-convergence, installations of belts and timing chains, repairing of air conditioners, airbags, ABS and other systems of automobiles manufactured in Europe.
The program has Autodata wiring and layout of nodes.

| How to use |
1) Open _ReadMe.txt and read Instructions

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