Picking my correct PC?

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Picking my correct PC?

Mensagem por Donnieclark » 25 out 2017, 10:49

so I have a few options to pick from a PC.
yes, I understand building a PC is less expensive, but I'm in a situation where I can't.
On my PC, I will probably be playing games such as: GTA V, CS:GO, TF2, PUBG, Rocket Leauge, and quite a few AAA games.BUT As well as playing games, I want to be able to record, edit, and possibly stream (not definite yet, but I will update this later.) I also want to be able to handle heavy tasks like high-res image rendering and general school tasks. The primary use for this PC is to play games at high settings with 60fps~ + and record/stream it. From what I've been told, 4 cores/8 threads are probably not the best thing in terms of future proofing a PC anymore because of games starting to utilize more cores, but the higher clock speeds on the CPU make it difficult to choose.

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